Wally Bot

When an edge is all you need. Wally Bot is here to help.



As technology advances, so do we. Wally Bot is now able to process up to 4000 transactions per minute in order to give you the most current and accurate details from the blockchain.


Simply visit our Telegram group to use Wally Bot. Use command /wallet followed by the wallet address that you’d like to scan. For now, Wally will return the Profit/Loss and Win/Loss rate of the entered wallet. This is only the beginning. As Wally Bot is used, we will aggregate this data and provide additional trading insights for our users.

ENDLESS Opportunity

Since we are automating the tedious task of reading the blockchain explorer, the usefulness of Wally Bot is endless. We will continue to develop Wally based on feedback from our Community. Information is power and we aim to be the most powerful trading tool in the space.

Scan a wallet with Wally Bot:


Our Story

What started out as an idea between 2 blockchain developers, has now expanded to a team of 5 Core members and 3 Mods. We leverage the diverse backgrounds of our team to maximize our impact across all social platforms.

Our Vision

We want you to have data at your fingertips to be a more profitable trader. Many of us have spent hours browsing the blockchain explorers looking for data that will give us an edge. By creating Wally Bot, our algorithm will scrape the blockchain and aggregate important wallet data for our users to leverage. Gamifying the blockchain experience even further.

Our Technology

Our proprietary algorithm is unlike any other information gathering tool out there. If the information is on the blockchain, we’ll scan it, find it, filter it, and compile it into useful data for the average crypto trader.


Buy Tax: 5%
Sell Tax: 5%
Max Wallet: 20,000 $Wally
Total Supply: 1,000,000 $Wally